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Dead Desk

Stories from the Underworld

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Latest Episode

Fire isn't the only way to cremate a body.

In fact, fire may not even be the preferred way to cremate a body. But how do you go from body to ashes using nothing but liquid? Emily Nelson of Be A Tree Cremation in Colorado has the answers. Listen in to learn how water cremation works, some secret truths about Big Funeral, and a whole lot more.

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   The Dead Desk

Created by former obituary writer Preston Wickersham, The Dead Desk is not a show designed to scare you. Instead, we seek to learn about the daily realities of the people who work in the world's oldest industry: the death industry.

From gravediggers to scientists and morticians to coroners, the death industry is filled with fascinating people doing unusual and often unmentioned work. On The Dead Desk, we share their stories to help demystify the secret world of death on Earth.

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